Our interpreter team provides the following services across EU member countries, Switzerland, Japan, and the US.
We offer Virtual Remote Interpretation (VRI) for all servce categories using latest video conferencing technology, but we generally recommend to have physical meetings whenever restrictions on timing, travel, and budget allow to do so.

Conversational interpretation
For general purposes

(Japanese, German, French, Italian, English)

Consecutive interpretation
For business and technical matters

(Japanese, German, French, Italian, English)

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)
For audiences of up to three individuals

(Japanese, German, English)

Simultaneous interpretation
For larger audiences

(Japanese, German, English)

We are happy to discuss your individual needs.
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In order to best meet the needs of our clients we provide translations on five service levels:

For understanding the contents of a foreign language document
Review of original language material and provision of a concise summary

For individual use
Professional translation at reasonable rates

For internal distribution
Professional translation with one round of thorough proofreading 


For external distribution
Professional translation tailored to match client terminology 

For publication purposes (e.g., marketing materials)
Complete re-writing of original contents in the target language

We also provide certified translations for legal purposes.

Our list of references is here.



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